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Mission & Values

ALAS is a safe, engaging, and flexible learning environment serving children from eight (8) weeks through age 5. Your child's development is more than reaching milestones; it's about turning everyday encounters into teachable moments.

We allow your child's interests to influence their learning experiences by balancing academic, mental, physical, and social-emotional growth. But most of all, we ignite your scholar's curiosity and instill a lifelong love of learning.

We focus on the fundamentals of growth and development to help young scholars enhance valuable life skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

 In our safe and nurturing environment, carefully designed by our faculty, children can participate in new experiences, develop well-rounded skills and abilities, and have fun navigating the path to self-discovery.

ALAS Childcare Center will give your child the opportunity to learn through experiences in the classroom and outdoor learning spaces.