Our Classrooms and Fun Learning Spaces

From infants to preschool, we've created inspiring spaces that spark the imagination and foster fun learning experiences for your child. Our curriculum exposes our scholars to science, technology, art, and math concepts in exciting, engaging ways. We work to develop key social-emotional skills. Our learning spaces provide the backdrop for your child to grow significantly each day in preparation for life and a solid academic foundation.


In our infant learning zones, your baby will experience a loving and soothing setting where they will be safe as they develop key physical skills while developing new relationships and connections with teachers and friends. As your sprouting scholar grows, our learning spaces provide the gentle support and encouragement needed to explore the world around them while developing new motor and language skills and fostering ideas.



In our toddler learning zone, children will develop their independence through play-based learning experiences as they build the valuable skills needed to interact with the world around them. Patient, caring teachers guide toddlers through playful exploration while helping to establish crucial social-emotional skills.


The early childcare learning zone starts your scholar's journey into a cooperative learning environment where they will discover interests and learn in a more structured setting. Caring and compassionate staff help your little one turn everyday experiences into educational opportunities. As your child prepares for pre-kindergarten and beyond, our early childcare learning zones feature an environment full of innovation and continued growth of social-emotional skills.



Our preschool before and after care fills the gap for working families by keeping your child active in a safe environment while you are at work or school. Through a combination of recreational and instructional staff-led activities, your child will enjoy a continuation to develop social skills and engage in positive, age-appropriate activities.




The fun happens in so many places beyond our learning zones. That's why ALAS has many exciting spaces where your growing scholars will blossom and discover the world around them. Our learning spaces encourage the type of imaginative play that makes childhood magical and develops an interest in life-long learning. Infant and Toddler outdoor spaces are designed for our young scholars to explore the outside world and for preschoolers to use imaginative play to increase their curiosity in learning.


We utilize playtime as an extension of our learning zones. Our playground space is the perfect outdoor space that provides your scholar with the freedom to explore and discover the great outdoors.


When children encounter obstacles, they develop and enhance strength, balance, memory, problem-solving, sensory processing, motor skills, and coordination.


Our nature trail will enhance your child's observation skills; it will encourage them to use all of their senses. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, and STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math). Interacting with natural environments allows scholars to think, question, and make hypotheses, which develops inquisitive minds.


Active play is an integral part of learning, which is why ALAS' gyms and multi-purpose rooms are an extension of our other learning spaces. These versatile rooms provide the space for activities such as riding bikes, yoga, kickball, and so much more.